We successfully complete over 80% of our requested Serves

Our Process Agents are dedicated to their chosen profession.

They love to say

You've Been Served!

They take pride in finding and serving the most difficult Subjects

To earn their credentials, they are required to:

  • Pass a Criminal Background Check
  • Successfully Complete at least our Basic Process Server Course
  • Have Reliable Transportation
  • Avoid Unnecessary Confrontations
  • Be diligent, relentless, and creative to do whatever it takes to legally and successfully serve their assigned documents




Our Basic Geographic Coverage Area

  • North Carolina
  • Southside and Tidewater Virginia


Geographically difficult areas to reach, greatly adding to the time, and distance we normally experience when serving documents

Hazardous areas for our Agents to serve in and therefore require a second Agent for backup

Inadequate or inaccurate information concerning the Subject

Changes in document content after an attempt to serve

Generally speaking, the more information provided in a timely manner, the better our chances to provide our services at the lowest cost


We can serve anywhere in North Carolina and Virginia outside our normal geographic service area. 

Please contact our office for specific areas and associated fees.

We do offer In Depth Skip Tracing by very experienced professionals




Generally, we assign your Request for Service to one of our Process Service Agents (PSA) within 48 hours of receipt for Standard Service during a 14 day period unless you specifically request and pay for, Expedited or Emergency Service.

A Verified Service Attempt is one where our PSA takes photos, with meta data showing Time and GPS location, to verify their actual presence at the listed service address.


A successful Verified Service or;

Up to 3 Verified Service Attempts within fourteen days of the receipt of the Request for Service


Assigned to a PSA within 24 hours

A successful Verified Serve or;

Up to 3 Verified Service Attempts within three days of the receipt of the Request for Service


Immediately assigned to a PSA for Same Day Service or within 24 hours  of receipt of the Emergency Request for Service sent to us by 9AM EST

A successful Verified Serve or;

3  Verified Service Attempts over a 10 hour period, within 24 hours of the receipt of the Request for Service. Above assumes accurate Skip Trace Data is provided by the client



Process Service Agent

Our process for assigning and verifying the legal service of court ordered Summons, Subpoenas, and other legal documents:

Manager receives Client Process Service Request

Reviews papers particulars for completeness and then reviews same with assigned Process Service Agent

1. Verify address - Basic Skip Trace

2. Determine acceptable type(s) of Service:

Personal Service

Named Individual

Sub Serve to:


Legal Resident over 18 years of age

Children over 18 years of age

Corporate Service

Served during business hours

To specific person or;

Management Group or;

Legal Department or;

To person stating they are in charge

Agent will attempt to obtain Business Card with Name, Title from the person served

3. Establish Method(s) of Service

Personal - Hand to Subject

Post - By publication and/or on door

Drop - Drop at Subjects feet after last attempt to hand to Subject 



Private Investigations

A Full Service Investigative Agency since 2002.        NC PIL#3215

Over 18 years of providing professional, discrete, diligent, and comprehensive Licensed Private Investigative Services

We handle Insurance Fraud, Criminal Defense Cases, Marital Misconduct, Child Custody, and other Domestic Issues, Asset Location and Recovery, Missing Persons, and Cold Cases

We provide In Depth Skip Tracing services, and Unarmed and Armed Security Officers

We offer state of the art Covert Manned and Unmanned Technical Surveillance

We are currently licensed to provide investigative services in nine states:

North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, Texas, New York, Hawaii and Florida (Security Services only)

We also provide:

Vehicle Recovery and Towing

NC Concealed Handgun Training

Armed and Unarmed Security Officer Training




Process Service Brochure (pdf)


Process Subject Data (pdf)