NC CCH, Handgun, and Home Defense Classes

Gain Realistic Experience in Three Handgun Courses

Gain Realistic Experience in Three Handgun Courses

Gain Realistic Experience in Three Handgun Courses

Firearms Training, Concealed Carry Weapons Training, Concealed Carry Handgun Training Certification

NC Concealed Carry Handgun Training 

Meets the Concealed Carry Handgun Certification process required by the State of North Carolina

Pre/Post CCH Course

Offers the realistic immersive experience not found in other companies CCH classes. It also helps with the decision whether to Own and/or  Carry a firearm

Home Defense

Offers realistic immersive firearms experience and proven methods to defend your home.  It also helps with the decision to own/not own a firearm

Classes conducted by Experienced Security, Law Enforcement, and Military, Training Professionals

since 2010

State Certified CCH Instructors

State of the Art Instruction and Training Facilities

Realistic and Real Time Training featuring Two Judgmental and Marksmanship Laser Simulator Systems

Imagine an immersive personal experience requiring you to confront a possibly life threatening, imminently dangerous, situation,. You have to make the correct decision, and react in time, with a handgun, under great pressure, and with accuracy

Survivor or Victim?

Do you have a real choice?

CCH Concealed Carry Handgun Course

Gain Realistic Experience in Three Handgun Courses

Gain Realistic Experience in Three Handgun Courses

CCH Training, CCW Training NC CCH, NC CCW, Firearms Training, Shoot/Don't Shoot Laser Training

You must:

  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Be Mentally Competent
  • Have a clean Criminal History

You don't have to own a handgun to complete the CCH Course

You may rent one from us

You have to successfully complete the Classroom and Range** Requirements

**You must pass the State CCH Handgun Qualification Course using a handgun and live ammunition to score at least 28 out of 40 shots on a B27 Target

If you apply for a NC CCH Permit You will need to have current fingerprints and passport type photos

We can make them onsite

Submit your CCH Certificate and complete the forms at your home county Sheriffs' Office and submit them along with your fingerprint card and photos 

Is a Handgun Right for You?

Gain Realistic Experience in Three Handgun Courses

Is a Handgun Right for You?

Firearms Self Defense, Selecting a firearm, Selecting a Handgun, Personal Self Defense

You can afford to buy the handgun...Can you afford the consequences?

The decision to own, and possibly carry, a handgun is an extremely serious one with several vital considerations

Train with us, then

make an INFORMED Decision

Can you handle the responsibility?

Do you need one?

For what purpose?

How will you carry it?

What type of handgun?

What Caliber and Ammo?

Do you have the right Insurance?

Can you safely store it in your home?

Could you react responsibly if confronted with imminent danger?

Could you react in a timely and accurate manner?

Are you adequately informed about NC Gun laws and the legal consequences of a shooting?

Attend this course and find out

Training Facilities

Training Facilities

Is a Handgun Right for You?

Firearms Training, Personal Defense, Weapons Training, Indoor Target Practice, NC Firearms Training

State of the Art Training Center

Would you put your life and those of your family in the hands of amateurs?

Professional Instructors

Professional Experience

Professional Training

Professional Results

  • Professional, Highly Experienced Instructors 
  • Two Laser Training Simulators
  • Realistic Glock Type Laser Handguns
  • Over 200 Realistic Realtime Training Scenarios
  • Shoot/Don’t Shoot/De-escalate/Review/Redo
  • Scenarios allow trainee to verbally interact with one or more individuals in real time to affect the situational outcome.
  • Multiple Site Remote Internet Class Streaming available
  • High Speed Over 300 x 300 fiber internet access
  • 4K A/V Recording Available

Customized Training Programs are available with A/V Scenarios filmed at your facility

CCH Course Schedule

Training Facilities

CCH Course Schedule

Laser Firearms, Laser Simulator, Shoot/Don't Shoot Firearms Training, Real Life Firearms Training

Our Extended 12 hour NC CCH Course requires you to complete the following course material and schedule. 

Please call us if you have any questions.

Course Schedule

Friday A:  6pm - 9pm  Day One CCH

  • Basic Use of Force
  • Handgun Safety
  • Handgun Presentation and Accuracy
  • Proficiency Drills - Laser Range
  • Shoot/Don’t Shoot – Laser Simulator
  •  Insurance Selection

Saturday B:  9am – 5pm  Day Two CCH

  • Legal Issues
  • Written Legal Examination
  • Carrying Concealed Safety Issues
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Ammunition and Handgun Selection
  • Proficiency Drills
  • Shoot/Don’t Shoot – Laser Simulator
  • Insurance Selection

Tuesday C:  7pm – 9pm 

  • Handgun Qualification

               With Live Ammo Handgun at Calibers Range

Exact schedule is subject to change.

Course Information

Training Facilities

CCH Course Schedule

Laser Simulator Judgmental and Marksmanship Training, Indoor Gun Range, Laser Firearms Training

Bring Note Paper and Pen or Pencil as there is a written examination

Bring your handgun** and cleaning kit.  

No live ammo allowed on training premises!

No recording or streaming devices are allowed to be used during class.

** You are not required to own a handgun to attend this course. We provide Glock Type Laser Handguns for the Simulators. You may rent one to train/qualify with from us or from Calibers’ Range to shoot during the Tuesday night CCH Handgun Qualification course.



  • Semiautomatic Handgun with 2 magazines
  • Or a Revolver with 2 Speed Loaders or Strips
  • Ammunition, 50 rounds
  • Shoes, No open toed or sandals
  • Baseball Cap


Calibers Indoor Gun Range

6910 Downwind Road, Greensboro, NC

(Approx. 3.8 miles from Class) 

Note: Range safety violations may result in instant dismissal from course. No refunds. 

The Laser Advantage

The Laser Advantage

The Laser Advantage

Real Life Laser Simulator Based Training, Test your firearms ability, Ammo free handgun practice

Real Life Training for potential confrontations with real people, rather than paper targets!

Real Life Laser Simulator Ranges are the best training tools to safely train in Use of Force, Concealed Carry, Personal Protection Marksmanship, and Judgmental Response Qualification.


Our Extended Concealed Carry Handgun (CCH) course offers each student the chance to safely test their handgun and judgment skills in real time in a wide variety of immersive Real Life environments.  

Test and hone your ability to handle real life scenarios such as Home Invasions, Car Jackings, Road Rage, Child Endangerment, Store Robberies, ATM Attacks, and more in real time.

Participate using realistically sized, and weighted, Glock Laser Pistols in real time with life sized, video scenarios projected on 110” screens, that can branch to different outcomes either by a trainer’s input or by the trainee hitting a zone on a character. It also allows the Shooter and Instructor to immediately review the scenario and shot placement at the end of the drill.

Although we use Glock Laser Handguns during the Laser Simulator Drills and scenarios, you will use your (or rented) handgun for cleaning and also for the Handgun and Live Ammo Range Qualification. 

Download Specific Course Information

WI Extended CCH Brochure 12 (pdf)


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