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Walton Investigations offers board approved security officer training in North and South Carolina.  All classes are conducted by board certified instructors licensed by NCPPSB and SLED.  Persons completing training will be eligible for registration as security officers in their respective jurisdictions.

These classes are required PRIOR to permanent hire by a licensed security company as required by law.

Security officers must  be knowledgeable on a wide range of issues.  Fire codes, basic first aid, crowd control, safety issues, crime prevention and deterrence, weapons training and diplomacy skills are among the issues facing today’s security professional. Walton Investigations offers the best training in the industry conducted by up to date active duty officers.

What we offer

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 NCPPSB approved course for training and registration of armed security officers in N.C. 20 hours plus range  test.

Corporate Registration

Individual Registration

NCPPSB approved course for training and registration of Unarmed security officers in N.C. 16 hours.

Corporate Registeration

Individual Registeration

Armed Guard

Unarmed Guard

Continuing Education

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There is no substitute for real world training.  All of our instructors have years of experience in the field and teach from that perspective.


 New armed and unarmed  class dates are now posted!


Need continuing ed credits?  We have upcoming classes. Call 336-908-4625 for details.


Attention Private Investigators and Associates:  N.C.G.S 74-C requires an ARMED PERMIT to carry a firearm on duty.

Required for all licensees in North and South Carolina. Please call 336-908-4625 for information.  

SLED LEVEL I. Required prior to beginning work as a security office in South Carolina.

Corporate Registration

Individual Registration