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Joining our affiliate program is easy, but we do have some simple rules!


1) You MUST be able to provide proof of licensure from your U.S. State or Canadian Province. If your state or province does not require licensure, you must be a member of your respective association and provide 3 letters of reference.

2) You MUST be bonded and insured and be able to add our firm as additionally insured.

3) You MUST be able and willing to carry out the assignments you accept in a timely, professional and LEGAL  manner.

If you’ve met these three requirements, you’re in good shape. Here’s how our program works.

Once approved we will add you to our vendor list. When a case becomes available we will send EMAIL notifications to ALL approved vendors in three stages:

1) Case ALERT in State/Province of_______________. No action required on your part at this time

2) Case IMMINENT in State/Province  of______________.  This is your alert that a case WILL be available in 60-90 minutes. All available information will be provided at this time to allow you to prepare and research. No action required on your part at this time.

3) Case AVAILABLE in State/Province of_____________. At this time the case will be available to claim.  An email will be sent to ALL vendors with the following information:

     A) Geographic location of the assignment by State and ZIP code

     B) Pay Rate and total surveillance hours available

     C) Due Date and Rush Alert if applicable

     D) Special requirements if applicable

All of our affiliate vendors in the U.S. And Canada will see the notifications of available cases. Please use the following guidelines:

1) If the case issued is outside of the area you wish to cover, then no action is required. Simply ignore the alert.

2) If you wish to claim the available case(s) please respond to with file number of the case you wish to claim. In the event of multiple claims to the same file, it will be awarded based on the time and date stamp of the email we receive. The firm being awarded the case will receive a confirmation email. You MUST respond to that email to finalize your claim. Until that confirmation is received, your assignment will NOT be confirmed and the file could be awarded to another agency. Upon completion of the above steps a final email will be sent to ALL vendors advising that the case has been assigned. In the event that the case is not claimed, the an email will be sent to all vendors as a NEW case alert and the process will start again.

3) Finally, PLEASE DO NOT claim a case that you cannot complete. Your vendor status will NOT be jeopardized by failing to claim a file. Only by failing to COMPLETE it AFTER it has been claimed.

There are some other details that will be explained in our vendor application sheet.  Please sign, scan and return with the required documentation to


Your part is EASY. We have affiliates in all 50 states and parts of Canada. When you need it covered right away, simply fill out a request for services.  We’ll put it on our network. There is no cost or obligation. You only pay if one of our affiliate firms accepts the assignment and you in turn send the work order to us. Although no assignment is absolutely guaranteed to be covered, there are some things you can do to increase your chances.

1) Give as much detail as you can regarding your Subject or Claimant. Verified addresses, recent photos, DMV information, date and nature of loss, a good description. All of these things help. Remember, you are contracting for surveillance not skip tracing. A lot of budgets are exhausted just in the act of LOCATING the Claimant.

2) Please remember that we guarantee our affiliate agencies a 4 hour daily minimum.  There are factors that would mitigate this guarantee such as poor performance on the part of the investigator. Our affiliates are required to use dashboard traffic cameras when on a moving surveillance both for safety and performance evaluation. Losing a claimant in traffic due to negligence would be a mitigating factor. Losing one due to heavy traffic may be unavoidable. The cameras will help us make that call. Inactivity is not grounds to waive the minimum daily charge.

2) The more time you can allow for the agency to schedule and work your case, the better your odds. When possible try to give at least 10 days from the date of issue until completion.

3) Try to be flexible with your desired rate. We all need to make a profit, but unlike domestic cases, which pay very well, workers comp cases usually fall on the lower end of the spectrum. Most agencies will be more willing to accept a lower rate if they get multiple days to work the case. Say 24 hours instead of 8. Workers comp rates can range from around $35.00 per hour on the low end to $75.00 per hour on the top end. Rates will also vary widely from city to city and state to state.  

4) Maximize your effectiveness. Become an affiliate as well as a provider. You may be located in Texas and need and need one of our affiliates in Ohio for a case this week. Next week we may have a case to be worked in Texas that YOU may want to claim.

Please feel free to call us with questions at 336-908-4625.

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