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Executive protection traditionally has been defined as an advanced security detail for business executives and political figures. A true executive protection requires a detailed plan and experienced professionals.  These professionals MUST be successful EVERY TIME because peoples lives are in the balance. There are other types of protection details available that may fall short of the executive protection label.  Among those are body guard work, hostile employee termination and protection from abusive spouses.  These are all equally important and all have a few things in common. For purposes of the law in most states, executive protection includes all of the above categories and must be performed by a licensed security contractor or private investigator depending on which state you live in. Some states require both. Nightclub bouncers frequently venture into this arena simply for the money. However, hiring these individuals without a license or liability insurance has enormous liability risks. Always hire professional, licensed protection specialists and ALWAYS VERIFY credentials.  Call us today for more information at 336-908-4625.

Executive Protection

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