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Many times in divorce and custody matters, children are used by one or both parents as a means to “get even”.  Its sad but true and the children pay the price.  Accusations fly and the parents accuse each other of the worst forms of neglect and abuse.  Fathers are accused of sexually molesting their children while mothers are accused of being drug addicts and unfit to care for the kids.  When a client comes into our offices and accuses the other parent of neglect in any form, we take it very seriously.  If the information is wrong and the kids are well cared for and not neglected or abused then all ends well. Sadly, on occasion the opposite is true, and there is evidence that some type of neglect or abuse is present.  Because there are children involved, these cases take priority over all the others.  We investigate exhaustively and when abuse of any kind is evident, we document it and report to you as well as local law enforcement.  Please call us at 336-908-4625 or schedule a consultation to learn more.

Child Abuse and Custody

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