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Workers compensation and disability insurance fraud is at epidemic levels.  As a business owner, you are required in most states to purchase and maintain workers compensation insurance. Its expensive and the down payments increase every year. Unscrupulous attorneys troll the airwaves for like minded clients and then encourage them to file claims that all parties including their doctors know are questionable. In other cases, the injuries heal and the claimants are able to work but would rather not and the claim becomes malingering.  Its all fraudulent and you as the business owner end up paying for it though increased premiums.  Walton Investigations agents can help your bottom line by identifying  these crooks and putting them out of business.  If you are an insurance agent with questionable disability claims, we can help you too!  Call us today to learn more! 336-908-4625.

Attention U.S. and Canadian LICENSED Private Investigators and Firms:  We accept subcontractor assignments for workers compensation and disability cases. We also need top notch VENDORS nationwide to help us carry out those assignments. Vendors and providers can Get more details here or call 336-908-4625 for more information.

Workers Compensation/Disability Fraud

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