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Wrongful/Suspicious Death

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Surveillance takes many forms. Electronic, physical, remote, mobile and stationary.  Electronic surveillance means to install cameras, GPS trackers, recorders, etc in a covert manner in order to catch activity within their range.  It’s popularity has grown in recent years as equipment costs have declined and the actual cameras and recorders have become smaller easier to hide. It’s the preferred method for most investigations as it greatly lowers the chance of discovery, but also carries legal risks if done improperly. We do not do “phone taps” as they are almost ALWAYS illegal. GPS trackers are generally legal but have to be installed properly.  

Direct physical surveillance means that the investigator is on site with a cover story. It is done from nearby tree lines, vehicles such as work vans, ect. Today it takes more skill than ever. In a post 9-11 world, people are skeptical of ANYTHING out of the ordinary.  It takes a seasoned investigator to conduct this kind of surveillance. Our agents are skilled at conducting mobile surveillance through traffic or on foot in the local shopping mall.


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