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Missing persons cases are typically assigned to private investigators as “cold cases” although some are still recent.  Cases of this nature are most successful when they are still new.  Please be aware that not all missing persons are actually “missing”.  It’s important to remember that missing adults and missing children have different protocols for your investigation.

     Adults (anyone over 18 for these purposes) can go off the radar for any reason or no reason. Please keep the following things in mind:

1) File a missing persons report with your local police or sheriffs office.

2) Don’t assume the person left voluntarily.  

3) Remember, competent adults have the right to privacy and may not wish to be contacted.  When found they can and do choose to exercise that right. We respect and protect it.  We cannot and will not hold someone against their will. Neither will we disclose their location or whereabouts without their express written permission unless the person is officially classified as incompetent or wanted by law enforcement.

     Minors (under 18 years of age) are treated differently.

 When located we will advise local law enforcement agencies immediately. They will notify you and we will assist as needed.

     Location of adoptive parents and children have additional requirements for the protection of all parties.

     We do not provide these services for location of past love interests such as location of high school sweethearts, etc. However, we will work with your alumni association to gather information for class reunions. Please allow at least 12 months advance notice for this service.

     We reserve the right to require a criminal background check and references on any and all parties requesting the above services.  Negative issues may result in denial of service.

Any attempt to illegally utilize the results of information obtained and disclosed will trigger a report to law enforcement.

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Missing Persons

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