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      50% of marriages end in divorce. If the reason is infidelity, it can get VERY nasty with attorneys and private investigators drawn and fired like twin revolvers in a Dodge City gunfight.  If you’re facing this situation you need the best private investigators in the business.  It starts with the evidence.  It won’t matter how good your attorney is if they have nothing to back up the allegation.  

     Marital misconduct, divorce or “cheating spouse” cases are among the most common requests for service received by investigative agencies.  Men and women are equal offenders.  The reasons and motives for infidelity vary greatly,  Some people are bored, some are lonely while some are just self centered and only concerned for themselves.

     Marriage is an age old institution and the concept of cheating is only slightly younger. The difference today is that society is so connected via Internet and social media that opportunities to stray constantly present themselves. Some people just can’t or won’t say no to the temptation. The results of infidelity are devastating to families, especially where children are involved.

     If you are in a situation  where you suspect your spouse is cheating, there are several critical steps to take..

1) Consult with a qualified family law attorney or call us for a free referral to one.  Should your suspicions be confirmed by our detectives, you will need to move quickly regarding legal issues such as  division of assets and custody. Remember, as your investigators, we only gather evidence and don’t offer legal advice.

2) Be observant. Make notes of your observations and keep them in a secure place. Look for changes in work habits such as leaving home early and staying late. New hair styles, clothing and changes in grooming habits are usually red flags. Lack of interest in sex or a sudden over interest (overcompensating) are also key. Also, watch for over protection of cell phones and computers.  

3) Treat found evidence such as clothing carefully so as not to spoil DNA samples. Store in a cool dry, secure place in a brown paper bag. Always use sterile forceps and non powdered latex gloves when handling potential evidence.

4) Don’t confront your spouse. Remember, you are trying to get to the truth.  Any confrontation may cause them to temporarily modify their behavior.

5) Trust your instincts.  If you suspect a problem, call us or schedule a consultation. We’re here to help.

Marital Misconduct

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