Your initial consultation is critical to the outcome of your case.  We’ll help you evaluate your situation and make recommendations.  There are some steps you’ll want to take in the meantime.

     • Please keep detailed notes.  Even small things may be important later.

     •  Resist the urge to investigate the matter yourself.  Its hard to be completely objective when the issue directly affects you and your family.

     •  Try not to panic.  Remember that things aren’t always what they seem.  Accusing someone without solid evidence could be disastrous if you are wrong.

      •  DO NOT “tap” telephones (yours or anyone else's). It is a FEDERAL offense to intercept and or record any conversation that you are not a direct party to.  One and two party consent laws also apply and will vary by state. This includes computer keystroke loggers as they have been ruled in most states to be wiretaps    

      •  GPS trackers are generally considered safe but legal restrictions apply as to their uses and installation.  

      •  Domestic and criminal cases will require a referral from an attorney prior to initiating the investigation. We can work with your attorney or we can provide a free referral at your request.   If you feel that you may need our services,  you can request a consultation here.